Air fryers and traditional fryers have their own advantages and disadvantages, and how healthy they are depends on the oil used and the cooking method. Here are some key factors to compare them:

1. Oil used

While conventional fryers require a lot of oil to cook food, air fryers require only a small amount of oil or can even be used without oil. For those who want to reduce their fat intake, air fryers may be healthier.

2. Heat

Traditional fryers need to heat oil to a high temperature in order to cook food, which requires a lot of energy, while air fryers use electricity to heat. From the perspective of energy consumption, air fryers are more environmentally friendly.

3. Cooking method

The hot oil of a traditional deep fryer will form a crispy layer on the surface of the food, but at the same time, it will make the food absorb a lot of grease and increase the calorie and fat content. The air fryer, on the other hand, dries the surface of the food through the hot air circulating at a high temperature, creating a crispy effect similar to that of a traditional fryer, but at the same time reducing the intake of oil and fat.

In addition to the above factors, here are some comparison factors between air fryers and traditional fryers that are also helpful in understanding how healthy they are:

1. Healthiness

Compared with conventional deep fryers, air fryers can reduce the intake of fat in food, thus allowing better control of calorie and fat content. Air fryers can also retain the nutrients of food better, whereas conventional fryers may destroy some nutrients, especially for foods that take a long time to cook.

2. Cooking time

Air fryers are faster than conventional fryers because the hot air dries the surface of the food faster, without the need to soak the food in large amounts of oil. This not only saves time, but also reduces the damage to the nutritional value of the food.

3. Cleaning

Air fryers are easier to clean than traditional fryers because there is no need to clean up large amounts of grease. A traditional fryer, on the other hand, needs to be cleaned of a lot of grease and residue, which can be more of a hassle.

To summarize, an air fryer is healthier than a traditional fryer because it reduces the intake of fats and oils, retains the nutrients in the food, speeds up the cooking time, and simplifies the cleaning process. Of course, for certain specific foods, a traditional deep fryer may still be a better choice as it can bring better texture and crunch to the food.