What is a blender?

A blender is the ideal tool for making blended smoothies from fresh fruits or vegetables. The blender is unique in that it can use every part of the fruit or vegetable, thus reducing food waste.

What is a juicer?

A juicer separates the juice from the pulp of the fruit. Most of the fiber is inside the pulp, so the fiber inside the juice that has been squeezed by the juicer cannot be retained. The juice can be separated from the rest of the fruit or vegetable, leaving the pulp, seeds and peel and discarded.

The difference between a blender and a juicer

What do blenders and juicers accomplish?
Blender Juicer
Crushed Ice
Fine Mud
Juice Extraction
What is the difference between a blender and a juicer?
Working Tanks
Various Speeds


Benefits of using a blender

Benefits of using a juicer

1. Save time and labor: The blender can quickly mix the ingredients well, avoiding the tedious process of manual mixing and saving time and labor.

2. Improve efficiency: The blender’s high power can quickly mix hard ingredients such as ice and nuts into a delicate state in a short time, improving productivity.

3. Preserve nutrition: The blender can well preserve the nutrients of ingredients, making the food more delicate in taste and rich in nutrition.

4. Expand recipes: Using a blender can make more diverse foods such as juices, smoothies, milkshakes, yogurts, batters, etc., expanding recipes and increasing nutrition.

1. Preserve nutrition: Juicer helps to make freshly squeezed juice from fruits and vegetables, preserving the nutrients in fruits and vegetables such as vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

2. Convenient and quick: Using a juicer to make juice is very convenient and quick, just put fruits and vegetables into the machine and press the button to get fresh juice.

3. Increase intake: Juicers can help people to consume fruits and vegetables more easily, especially for those who do not like fruits and vegetables much.

4. Improve digestion: Juicers can improve the digestive system by squeezing fruits and vegetables into a liquid form that can be more easily absorbed and digested by the body.

5. Increase taste: Juicers can mix different kinds of fruits and vegetables to form a richer texture and taste, which can create more diverse juices and increase appetite.

How to choose one of the two?

The choice of blender or juicer needs to be determined by personal needs and use. The following are some reference factors:

1. function: if you want to make juice or vegetable juice, then it is more appropriate to choose a juicer; if you want to make a puree, sauce, batter, etc., then a blender is more suitable.

2. nutrition: juicers can retain the nutrients in fruits and vegetables, while blenders cannot fully retain the nutritional value of ingredients.

3. price: generally speaking, the price of juicers is higher, while blenders are more affordable.

4. cleaning ease: juicer requires frequent cleaning because the fine filter is easy to retain fruit residue, vegetable residue, and other impurities, while the blender is easier to clean.

5. storage space: juicers are usually larger and require a certain amount of storage space, while blenders are more compact and suitable for small families.

In summary, the choice of blender or juicer needs to be determined by personal needs and use, and can be selected based on their more preferred features, budget, ease of cleaning and other factors.