With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people’s quality of life, electric kettle has become a must-have item for families, offices, hotels and other places.

As a dealer of electric kettles, how to seize the market opportunity to choose high-quality electric kettle products for bulk purchase, so as to achieve the goal of easy money?

In this article, we will analyze the market demand, product characteristics, sales strategy, etc., to help dealers find the right electric kettle products, create a better future.

Ⅰ.Follow the market demand, grasp the electric kettle sales boom:

1.Health needs: under the influence of the epidemic, people pay more and more attention to health.

An electric kettle with filtration, sterilization and other functions to meet the consumer’s pursuit of a healthy life.

2.Energy saving and environmental protection: with the improvement of environmental awareness, energy saving, environmentally friendly electric kettle by more and more consumers.

Dealers can focus on energy-saving certification, the use of environmentally friendly materials, electric kettle brands.

3.Intelligent trend: intelligent electric kettle with timing, constant temperature, one-button operation and other functions, convenient for consumers to use, is a major hot spot in the market.


Ⅱ.Selected high-quality products to ensure the interests of dealers:

1.Product quality: choose the electric kettle brand with excellent quality and stable performance to ensure that the consumer experience and reduce the risk of after-sales.

2.Innovative features: focus on innovative features of the electric kettle, such as intelligent thermostat, mute design, etc.

To meet the market demand for personalized, differentiated products.


3.Brand support: choose the electric kettle brand with a good brand reputation, strong market influence, in order to obtain the brand’s market support, advertising and other resources to reduce marketing costs.

Ⅲ.Develop effective sales strategies to increase electric kettle sales:

1.Multi-channel expansion: In addition to traditional offline channels, dealers can also use e-commerce platforms, social media and other online channels for sales to broaden market coverage.

2.Optimize the price strategy: dealers can according to market demand, product positioning, develop a reasonable price strategy to get a higher profit margin.

3.Strengthen after-sales service: Provide perfect after-sales service, such as return and exchange, maintenance, etc., to increase consumer trust and improve the proportion of repeat customers.

In short, as an electric kettle dealers, keep up with market demand, select high-quality products, develop effective sales strategies, strengthen cooperation with manufacturers, is the key to achieve high-volume purchases, easy money.

I hope this article can provide some reference value for the majority of dealers to create a better future.