CRM3128 Commercial Coffee Maker

Commercial coffee Maker are specially designed for use in cafes, restaurants and other food service establishments. These machines are typically larger and more powerful than those used in homes, as they need to be able to meet the higher demand for coffee in a commercial environment.

For the Rice cooker we decided to use the best quality and safest raw materials such as: ABS, PP, AS, PCTG and stainless steel.

For us, reliability is so important that we should be able to obtain almost all the certifications we need to show that we are very competent in this field, and the certifications we have obtained include: EMC, CE, CB, TOHS, GS, as well as UL and 3C.

We ensure that our products and services meet your expectations and meet your high standards.

Product specifications

  • APower:3200W
  • AVoltage: 110V/220V can be customized
  • AProduct size: 315*175*308MM
  • APackage size:615*540*320mm(6set)
  • AQuantity: 20GP:732set / 40GP: 1504set / 40HQ: 1632set