FFF-1601  Breakfast Machine

A breakfast machine is a device that helps automate the process of preparing breakfast. It typically includes features such as a toaster, coffee maker, and a griddle.

Some models even have the ability to cook eggs and bacon. This convenient appliance allows users to save time and effort in the morning by having multiple breakfast items cooked simultaneously.It is a great addition to any kitchen for busy individuals who want to enjoy a hearty breakfast without the hassle of cooking.

For us, reliability is so important that we should be able to obtain almost all the certifications we need to show that we are very competent in this field, and the certifications we have obtained include: EMC, CE, CB, TOHS, GS, as well as UL and 3C.

We ensure that our products and services meet your expectations and meet your high standards.

Product specifications

  • ACapacity: Oven 16L / Coffee pot 600ml
  • APower: Oven 640W/Coffee maker 450W
  • AVoltage: 110V/220V can be customized
  • AFrequency: 50-60Hz
  • APackage size:523*302*280MM
  • AQuantity: 20GP:3600set / 40GP:7216set / 40HQ: 8256set