MG-M3-S1 Meat Grinder

A meat grinder with enema function is a device used for processing meat food products that combines the functions of meat grinder and enema.

To use the meat grinder with enema function, the meat is first put into the feed opening and then by starting the grinder, the meat grinder head will chop the meat into the desired particle size. At the same time, the enema ingredients, such as casings and pre-prepared filling, are loaded into the enema tube. Once the meat is ground, it is pushed through a conveyor system into the enema tube, where it is then filled into the casing through pressure and control of the enema tube to form a sausage or other enema product.

A meat grinder with an enema function is an efficient and versatile piece of equipment that can streamline meat food processing and increase productivity while ensuring product quality and sanitation.

Product specifications

  • AMotor Model:7625 motor
  • APower: 250/700W
  • AParts: 1. Cast aluminum seven-letter pass/nut Plastic discs 2. Stainless steel cross cutter *1 3 pieces of iron-based knife plate 5/7/scalloped 3.1 food plug stick/enema nozzle/cookie kit 4.Suction cup feet
  • AProduct Size: 335*150*330mm
  • APackage size:Inner box size: 420*235*183mm Outer box size: 430x480x570mm Packing specification: 6pcs
  • AQuantity: 20GP:1220set / 40GP:2290set / 40HQ: 2980set