PC-600A Juicer

A juicer is a very convenient household appliance that helps you convert fruits and vegetables into drinkable juice. It does this by chopping up the fruits and vegetables and then using a rotating blade and strainer to separate the juice from the solids. Using a juicer allows you to enjoy fresh, nutritious and delicious juices, An important advantage of a juicer is that it retains the nutrients contained in fruits and vegetables. Juice made by a juicer is fresher, more natural and rich in vitamins and fiber.which is one of the top choices for many people on a healthy diet.

The use of a juicer is very simple. First of all, wash, peel and seed the fruits and vegetables to be juiced, and cut them into appropriate sized pieces; put the cut fruits and vegetables into the barrel of the juicer; close the lid of the juicer and start it up, the rotating blades will chop the ingredients and separate the juice from the solids by rotating them at high speed, the juice will flow out from the outlet of the juicer, while the solid residue will be retained by the strainer. Finally, the resulting juice is poured into a glass and enjoyed.

Product specifications

  • APower:1000W
  • AVoltage:100-120V~;220-240V~
  • AFrequency:50/60Hz
  • ASpeed:①12000±15%RPM ②19000±15%RPM
  • AMotor:Model 8835
  • AVolume:1L Tall Cup ,450 ml Short Cup
  • AGift Box Size(L*W*H) :29.5*21.2*26.5cm