SM-04 Electric meat grinder

An electric meat grinder is a device that uses an electric power source to process meat and other ingredients into ground or minced meat.

In order to ensure safety in use, electric meat grinders are usually equipped with a number of safety devices, such as a safety locking device and an overload protection device. The safety locking device ensures that the head of the meat grinder is securely fastened to the body of the machine during use, while the overload protection device prevents damage to the equipment by automatically stopping the electric motor when it is overloaded.

The benefits of electric meat grinders include efficiency, convenience, speed, and precise meat grinding capabilities. Using an electric meat grinder allows you to quickly process meat into ground or minced meat, providing fresh ingredients and meeting the preparation needs of different dishes and products.

Product specifications

  • ABarrel(L):2L
  • ABarrel Material:Glass
  • APower:250W
  • APackage size:630*430*570MM(12Pcs)
  • AQuantity: 20GP:2408set / 40GP:3656set / 40HQ: 5676set