Ⅰ.Healthier Cooking

The single most important factor for most people buying an air fryer is the prospect of healthier cooking. Since so little is used in the cooking process, it’s the perfect way to replace unhealthy fried foods with healthier alternatives.

You’ll still need to spray a little oil on fried foods, such as breaded chicken tenders and fried fish, so the breading will cook evenly and crisp, but you’ll be using much less oil.

Ⅱ.Fast, secure and easy to use

The air fryer started out as a deep fryer replacement, which is great but not enough to convince most people that they need one, since not many use deep fryers at home on a regular basis anyway.

The fact that an air fryer is quick and easy to use means cooking at home is an attractive option. The air fryer makes dinner easy. 

All you have to do is season a piece of meat, such as a chicken breast or steak, and place it in the basket, it’s easy.

Ⅲ.Wide range of uses

An air fryer isn’t just a healthier option for frying, in fact, you can cook almost anything with this appliance.

From fried chicken to whole spaghetti squash to vegetable side dishes and desserts.

It’s great for cooking store-bought frozen meals like chips, mashed potatoes, and pizza rolls.

Ⅳ.Easy to clean

If you keep cleaning it after each cooking session, it will only need regular cleaning, just like any other pot or pan you use.

Just need to add soapy water to the basket, then use the anti-scratch sponge to clean the inside and outside.

Some air fryer baskets are even dishwasher safe. 

You can also do a deep cleaning of the entire unit, either once a month or the cooking coils, depending on how often you use it. If you do this regularly, it’s not as difficult or tedious a process as cleaning an oven.