With the popularity of the wall breaker, it has become a must-have power tool for many families. But various technical indicators are simply dazzling. How to choose a good wall breaking machine with high cost performance from many products? 

The following will help you analyze the key parameters such as power, speed, container material, etc., and choose the one that really suits you. Breaker!

1. Power determines destructive power

The power of the breaker directly affects the destructive force and cutting ability of the drill bit. For general household wall breakers, the power range of 500-1200W can meet the needs, and the high power of more than 1200W is more suitable for industrial-grade needs. If you choose a machine with too high power, it will not only be expensive, but also easily lead to overheating and damage to the drill under normal use.

2. Speed affects the operating feel

The speed index determines the high-speed rotation capability of the drill bit. The higher the speed, the better the operation feel during drilling. For home use, products with a rotational speed of 10,000-15,000 rpm can bring a more powerful and smooth drilling experience.

3. The diameter of the drill bit matches the hole diameter

According to the actual size of the hole to be opened, choose the matching drill diameter, the common diameter is 4-16mm. If the diameters are well matched, the drilling efficiency will be higher. If the diameter is wrong, either the hole cannot be drilled, or the hole is too loose.

4. Diversity of accessories and expandable functions

Configuring more accessories can expand the function of the wall breaker, such as chisels, saws, etc., so that a wall breaker can adapt to more types of home improvement tasks.

5. Security Protection is critical

Overheat protection, leakage protection and other safety designs can prevent the machine from malfunctioning and causing personal injury during use. This is a critical consideration.

6. Pay attention to the all-copper motor of the product

The wall breaking machine with all-copper motor has higher speed, better heat dissipation and longer service life. Compared with aluminum motors, all-copper motors are more stable and durable, and are a more recommended choice.

7. Hand-held parts should be humanized

The handheld part should have a good non-slip texture design, and the shock-absorbing cushion can also increase the comfort of the grip. These ergonomic designs help reduce strain and fatigue from prolonged use.

8. Moderate length is more practical

A body that is too long or too short will limit its use. The length of 2000-2500mm is more versatile and practical, and can be used in different space scenarios.

9. Rear switch is safer

The switch design adopts the rear type, which can avoid accidental touch during work and ensure safe operation. The electronic speed control switch is more flexible.

10. Perfect packaging and complete accessories

When purchasing, pay attention to the firm packaging of the product to avoid damage during transportation. The accessories should also be complete and complete, no additional purchases are required.

Comprehensive consideration of the above key parameters such as power, speed, accessories, etc., you can buy a wall breaker with high cost performance and easy use. Don’t be dazzled by various technical indicators, rationally analyze and choose the product that best meets your needs.